*** Attention: Current axle delivery time has decreased by Dexter to up to 6 weeks ***                                                                                                                                                                                         *** Attention: Current axle delivery time has decreased by Dexter to up to 6 weeks ***

AEM Electronics Car Parts

Air Fuel Ratio
Boost & Vacuum
Chips & Tuners
Cigarette Lighter
Compression Fittings
Consumer Electronics
Dashboard Gauge Trim
Dashboard Instruments
Engine Management System
Exhaust Components
Exhaust Gauges
Fuel Filter
Fuel Fitting
Fuel Injection
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pump
Fuel Systems
Gauge Mounting
Gauge Wiring Harness
Ignition Coils
Ignition System
Ignition Wiring & Harnesses
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
Oxygen Sensor
Oxygen Sensor Mount Boss
PC Interface Cable
Performance Monitor
Sending Unit
Switches & Electrical
Timing Gear & Chain
Turbochargers & Superchargers
Water Methanol Injection
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We create innovative new products that set the standard in the performance aftermarket, delivering the highest level of product integrity and making advanced technologies accessible to the racing masses.

We believe that a positive customer experience is the key to our success. We achieve this success by delivering products that produce an exceedingly high level of gratification.

We have a deep appreciation for every racer, enthusiast, and distribution partner who chooses to trust our products and always strive to provide an unparalleled customer service experience. We evolve to meet the support needs of our customers and we put our customers first. We will continue to set the standard for service and support in our industry.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority

Practicing honesty, integrity, and respect for our customers, vendors and each other

Maintaining an apolitical attitude, focusing on teamwork and common goals

Having a strong work ethic and taking a professional, resilient approach to all endeavors

Providing clear, concise communication